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Keeping a tab on global trends, we see that people are planning how to deal with new realities. Due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, there is an attempt by people to stay safe as much as possible. This means no exploratory travel for a while. However, it is remarkable to see that people keep making plans to bask in the sunshine while the storm is over.

Family discussions sometimes revolve around where to visit once it is safe to go out. When this discussion comes up, smart families are always considering how much they would be spending in the course of the trip. Therefore, a sensible budget is a crucial aspect of planning exploratory trips as a family. This factor is a major determinant of where to visit, especially when your family trip is within Biloxi. Other factors include potential time off from work, experiences suited to benefit every member of the family, and perhaps most of all, a destination with comfortable rooms.

For a long time, one thing families have done to make trips of this nature relaxing and memorable is by actualizing it during vacation periods. Also, the concept of a micro-vacation is adopted. This makes the trip quite short but less expensive. Usually, the micro-vacationer might plan the trip around a weekend to limit time off work. Also, the option of traveling by road is picked over flying as the former is less expensive. 

Going by the mode of planning of micro vacations, it is clear to see that it is best enjoyed when it is planned as close to home; this is a plus for you if your family stays within the driving reach of Biloxi and the other coastal environs of Mississippi. 

If you ever want to plan something of this nature around Biloxi, Coastal Mississippi is the perfect answer. With 62 miles of beautiful coastlines, you can be sure of doing more than enough exploration and discovery with a budget that is modest enough for you to work with.

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Explore coastal Mississippi 

Coastal Mississippi opens you up to fun and adventure on a whole new level. In a bid to help you and your family explore, we have compiled a list of local favorites you will enjoy on a budget.

Actually, coastal Mississippi has a wide variety of accommodations suited to all types of travelers, budgets, and tastes. Here is a list of hotels you can always check in to once you are done exploring for a day.

  • The Roost
  • The Guest House at Gulfport Landing
  • Carroll House Bed & Breakfast
  • Hotel Pass Christian
  • Grand Magnolia Suites
  • Hotel Whiskey
  • Bay Town Inn
  • The Almanett Hotel & Bistro

While you stay in any of the following hotels for the night, you might want to visit a few exciting coastal Mississippi places during the day. Gulf Islands National Seashore is one place where you can have all the fun you can get with your family in the course of a mini-vacation. It offers intense fun and unique ways to enjoy your mini-vacation. You and your family can Paddle or kayak the blueways, explore public art installations, explore the vast natural wildlife, and hit a few rounds of golf if you are the golfing type. With these, you are sure to have a swell time before returning to Biloxi.

More thrilling adventures await you on The Secret Coast. This is best experienced with your family so as to make memorable memories in the process. The services offered here are categorized as follows.

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Ship Island Excursions from Gulfport and Biloxi
  • Betsy Ann Riverboat
  • Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Tours
  • McCoy’s River & Marsh Tours
  • Wolf River Canoe and Kayak
  • Equipment rental (kayak, jet ski, bike and more)
  • Barbecue Restaurants Header Image
  • The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint

When it comes to meals, you stand a chance to get the best of them when you take a trip to coastal Mississippi. There are a host of exceptional restaurants that will give you a true taste of coastal food. They include.

  • Trapani’s Eatery
  • The Ole Biloxi Vestige
  • Scranton’s Restaurant & Catering
  • The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint
  • Fillin Station
  • White Pillars
  • Darwell’s Café
  • Edd’s Drive-In
Indoor Activities you can engage in while away to coastal Mississippi on a mini-vacation

There are days when you just don’t feel like going out. If this happens while away on your vacation trip to coastal Mississippi, you can always find an alternative way to have fun indoors. If you are out with your family, you might want to convince them to enjoy indoor fun with you. This won’t be hard because indoor fun at coastal Mississippi is just as thrilling as outdoor fun.

A good example is the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. Here you and your family can be sure to have access to enough space for imaginations to run wild. There lies an old school building that has been converted to an interactive museum. It is so spacious and has several floors of fun and engaging indoor activities.

For instance, the Ocean Adventures Marine Park in the museum presents visitors with a close-to-reality experience with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, and sharks. Also, within the premises of the Lynn meadows center, we have the infinity Science Center. Therein, visitors are provided with a vast and engaging virtual space of scientific exhibit space 35,000 (square feet), you and your family will experience what it feels like to live in the ocean. This sounds like scary fun. Well, it is safe and fun at the same time. It is amazing how you don’t have to travel too far from Biloxi to enjoy all these.


There is so much fun you and your family can have when it is safe to travel again. Interestingly, it will be easy to explore on a budget by then since there are a whole lot of options of places to visit. All you need do is see which one fits into your budget.

For now, all you can do is to plan and make choices with your family. The day to execute these pans will come. However, it is best to stay safe and be responsible for health-wise at the moment.


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