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Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Biloxi is a great destination for visitors as well as fun seekers in Biloxi, offering a luxury environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to give visitors a swell time. It is located very close to some of Biloxi’s most famous landmarks, such as Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (0.3 mi) and The Historic Redding House (0.3 mi), Beau Rivage Biloxi Mississippi is a great destination for tourists. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to free parking.


This casino and resort are of average size. It is big enough that all the facilities it houses are of the average space.


Beau Rivage Biloxi Ms features a 24-hour front desk, room service, and a concierge. Also, as a valued Beau Rivage Biloxi Ms guest, you can enjoy a pool and breakfast that are available on-site.


While you’re here, you will have access to some of the best restaurants in town; this includes BR Prime Steakhouse, Jia, and Stalla, all of which are located inside the Beau Rivage Biloxi Hotel.


There are currently no shows due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the location of this casino offers visitors other exciting alternatives. Biloxi Bay Bridge (0.2 mi), MGM Park (0.1 mi), and Biloxi Lighthouse (0.6 mi) are an excellent way to spend some time, and they are all within walking distance of Beau Rivage Biloxi Resort.


The rooms of the hotel attached to the resort offer a flat-screen TV and air conditioning, and getting online is possible, as free wifi is available, allowing you to rest and refresh with ease.

Golden Nugget casino in Biloxi

This is a perfect getaway destination for fun lovers. Also, couples who want to take a break from work and have a good time usually come here all year round, and they often admit that the experience is fantastic.


This is an average size casino with all other utilities attached to an average casino in Biloxi, M.S.


Visitors find the facilities here to be very conducive. Couples claim they enjoy having it as their valentine getaway destination. They specifically refer to their experience at Bubba Gumps and the gaming session at the casino.


Within a distance of 0.3 miles, there are a host of choice restaurants whereby visitors can experience a wide variety of delicacies. These include Landshark bar and grill, Doe’s Eat Palace, Bubba Gump Shrimp, etc.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the management is trine to act in line with government directives to discourage the staging of shows so that crowds can be avoided as much as possible.


The only hotel here is the one attached to the casino. It is well staffed, and visitors are quite pleased with their services. Their help desk is always on deck to attend to the needs of visitors and ensure they have an excellent time.


This is also known as the Grand Biloxi Hotel Biloxi, Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel and Spa, Grand Casino Biloxi Mississippi, Grand Casino Biloxi MS, Grand Casino Hotel Biloxi, Grand Casino In Biloxi. These names are basically a function of all the services it offers the Biloxi populace and visitors from far and near.


It is quite big. In fact, its hotel houses 500 rooms.


The convenience at the harras gulf coast is quite commendable. It features hotels and bars that are quite conducive. Also, it is equipped with a casino where gamble-related activities take place.


There are a host of top-notch restaurants within Harras gulf coast casino. These include Steak ‘n Shake, Mix & Mingle, The Blind Tiger, Magnolia House.


There are currently no major shows going on at Harras gulf coast. Out of concern for public health, the Mississippi Gaming Commission ordered casinos within Mississippi in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Harrah’s Gulf Coast will work with the Mississippi Gaming Commission to design a safe reopening process as soon as the state gaming commission determines it is appropriate to do so.


Harras gulf coast houses 4 of the 48 hotels in Biloxi, MS. They all are four-star hotels. There are 3 room types in these hotels. They are;

  • Oceanview
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Suites

The hotel management claims that their rooms are equipped with amazing features such as housekeeping, room service, safe, flat-screen TV, etc. However, the main hotel attached to the casino is claimed to be deficient in some key aspects of customer service, as well as complaints of awful smell and lack of proper cleaning.

This is because the carpets of several rooms are said to have many big stains. In a room, the user claimed that the bathroom had beard shavings of the previous occupant and that the phone did not work as there were no wires connected to it. In contrast, some visitors are satisfied with the hotel services.

IP Casino resort

IP casino resort arcade features loads of fun for both young and elderly these includes, three basketball games, two Ice Ball/Skee Ball games, air hockey, four race car driving games, four shooting games, an Elvis pinball machine, claw vending machines, two motorcycle riding games, a photo booth, and many other prizes and candy dispensing games. The arcade is located on the hotel’s second-floor corridor of the resort.


It is quite big. It is accommodating a whole lot of facilities designed to give visitors a memorable experience.


It is reasonably conducive for usage considering the wide variety of functions it offers to individuals of different age groups.


Restaurants available around IP casino resort include Thirty-Two, Rosetti’s Old Biloxi Café. All these offer a wide range of delicacies to the delight of their visitors.

Quality Poultry and Seafood


All shows are put on hold at the moment due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, there are indications that things could pick up real soon if the management is able to devise a safe way of running show without putting the visitors at risk of contracting the virus.


The only hotel here is the one being managed by the resort. It is an awesome inn located on the bay and separated from the traffic down by the beach. It also houses the numerous casino action and restaurants that characterize the center of attraction of the resort. Great hotel pool, hot tub, and bar on the 11th floor. Recommend


This is another fairly rated casino in Biloxi. With a friendly team of staff, first-class service, and non-stop casino action, the experience of visitors at Treasure bay is not so bad.


There are concerns about the size of the casino. It is considered to be very small by most visitors. Also, the section for the slot machines is noticeably small. This is a justified concern when we consider the fact that there is a pandemic ravaging the world at the moment, and a small casino makes it very difficult to practice social distancing in a crowded place like a casino.


Given the rating of the hotel attached to the casino, it is fairly convenient. However, the size of the casino is not so encouraging. It is quite small, and the present reality of a pandemic does not encourage visitors to hang around places with a compact configuration.


The casino is in close proximity to several restaurants. Within a distance of five miles, you can reach Half Shell Oyster House of Biloxi, Half Shell Oyster House Hard Rock, and Mary Mahoney’s Old French House. All these are restaurants with a variety of delicacies.


There are no shows at the moment due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, there are indications that outdoor games were in place before the pandemic disrupted it. You can expect shows to kick off once a safe structure can be put together by the management.


The only hotel here is the one housed right in the casino. It is rated to be a 3.5-star hotel. It is incredibly cheap, and visitors claim to be impressed with their services.


Although it houses a casino, the hotel seems to be the major priority of the management. Top-notch accommodations services are a top priority at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi; Whether you’re looking to get in touch with the musician in you with the Sound of Your Stay® program, or seek your fortune in our world-class casino, we are your ultimate destination with everything you need for fun or relaxation. For our high rollers, the casino features more than 1,300 slots and 50 table games where you can go for gold.


It is quite a big building and an average expanse of space housing the hotel and casino facilities.


It offers a high level of comfort to its users. Feedback from users shows that they found the facilities at the casino and hotel to be relaxing and worth their time and resources.


The casino has its restaurant known as a hard rock restaurant. Also, it is in close proximity to several restaurants. Within a distance of five miles, you can reach restaurants like Half Shell Oyster House of Biloxi, Half Shell Oyster House Hard Rock, and Mary Mahoney’s Old French House, and a few more. All these are restaurants with a variety of delicacies.


There are no shows at the moment because of the pandemic currently being battled by the United States and the world at large.


There are about 154 unique non-smoking rooms and suites available for visitors’ relations in the Platinum Tower section of the hotel. The Royal Tower houses 325 stylish rooms and suites. Irrespective of the section of the room chosen by visitors, the tower offers incredible views of the city. Additionally, the hotel is equipped with a world-class pool and a view of the stunning Gulf of Mexico.


This is an average-sized facility that is big enough to house all the basic facilities of a casino and a hotel.


The convenience is reported to be top-notch. Visitors feel safe and relaxed here. This is because stringent measures are put in place to ensure visitors are not at risk of being infected. For example, the casino remains one of the few ones where the temperature level of visitors are taken and assessed before they are allowed to enter.


The casino is in close proximity to several restaurants. Within a distance of 0.75 miles, you can reach restaurants like Waterfront Buffet, Pepe’s Bosque Mexican Grill, Scarlet’s Steaks & Seafood, and Under the Oak Cafe. All these are restaurants with a variety of delicacies from which you can make a choice according to your preference and financial strength.


There are currently no shows due to the ravaging COVID 19 pandemic. However, you can be sure that there will be enough fun in this regard as soon as shows can be safely staged again.


The hotel facility is one of the loveliest in the area. The room is nice, modern, and clean. Taking a look at the bathroom, it spot-on. Also, other services offered by the hotel, such as the Thursday night buffet are really superb.


This is right about another casino where you can have maximum fun in Biloxi. Fun stay at the Island view hotel & casino, visitors have claimed to have a satisfactory experience. One noteworthy thing about this resort is the way they have conducted their hosting services in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. Lots of sanitizers can be found all through the casino, and staff are always trying to encourage visitors to practice social distancing as much as possible.

Island view has two casinos; one at the north of Beach (mainly for older one and smokers) and the other on the beachside of Beach Blvd. The latter is actually newer than the former (it is designed for non-smokers). Both sides have friendly staff and plenty of places to dine.


It is quite a large facility. This is seen in its ability to house two casinos comfortably. Its hotel rooms and other facilities are also spacious enough to make visitors comfortable enough to want to come back some other times.


It is quite relaxing and homely. In addition to being equipped with standard facilities, staff work consciously to see that visitors are comfortable. Interestingly, this has come to the notice of visitors as they often commend the staff’s commitment to hospitality.


The casino is in close proximity to several restaurants. Within a distance of five miles, you can reach restaurants like Half Shell Oyster House of Gulfport, The Rack House Steak & Spirits, Tony’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. All these are restaurants with a variety of delicacies.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there are no shows currently at this casino. However, you can be sure things will go back to normal as soon as visitors’ safety can be guaranteed in the event of a show.


The main hotel here is the one attached to the casino. Visitors claim to be impressed with the quality of their services and the measures put in place to help them lodge safely in the middle of the pandemic.

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Once in a while, there is an inborn tendency to want to explore. Perhaps, you stay in Biloxi, and you want to explore a little but what the state of Mississippi has in store for your adventurous self. How many fun places do you know in Mississippi? From oceanfront properties to sprawling acres of farmland, the state is generally endowed with numerous breathtaking sceneries.

Admittedly, now is not a good time to do some exploration. The reality of a global pandemic makes it wrong to go about visiting tourist attractions at the moment because doing so will make it challenging to practice social and physical distancing. So, we don’t expect you to visit these fun places immediately. However, we have to plan for the future. To this end, it is not a bad idea to check out for a bit of information about fun places you can visit when the lockdown is over.

One more thing you should have at the back of your mind is this; you might be familiar with them. Perhaps, you have visited some of them at one time or the other. Nonetheless, they have historic, economic, and cultural significance that you might not be aware of.

Tombigbee State Park

If you are looking for a place to go out, relax, and have a good time within Mississippi, then Tombigbee state park won’t be a bad idea. Reports from people who have visited have it that it is arguably one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mississippi. Services offered within the park include sports, hiking, swimming, camping, fishing, and several other numerous outdoor activities.

The Biloxi Lighthouse

This is literally the face of Biloxi, just like you have the Eiffel tower to be the face of Paris. (These two monuments have some things in common).built in 1848, the Biloxi Lighthouse is distinctively one of the most recognizable landmarks in the state of Mississippi.

When its construction started, it was by locals in Biloxi to serve as a source of light at night, so it can help them guard the city. One more exciting thing about the Biloxi lighthouse construction is that the lightkeepers were female. That was such a show of courage on their part.

The operation of the lighthouse was being done by female locals for so many years until 1939 when the U.S. Coast Guard adopted the post. The Biloxi lighthouse has survived many dangers, including hurricane Katrina, a devastating hurricane that happened in 2005.

Today, the Biloxi has developed so much that a single lighthouse is not enough to aid its security at night. However, the monument serves as a tourist attraction for many who want to see the structure that could not be brought down by hurricane Katrina even after many years of serving its original purpose for which it was built. It now serves as a symbol of courage and hopes for those who are aware of its history. In fact, it is reportedly the most photographed landmark on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Lighthouse near coast

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez trace parkway is one of the major attractions in Mississippi. It covers an area of about 444 square miles. Many people do not know about this park because it used to be the first home of Indian migrants, some tens of thousands of years ago. This park is a pleasure to the eyes. You can find time to check it out once the pandemic is over.

black and white country road

Deer Island, MS

This is one of the nearest islands to the coast of Mississippi. It covers a whopping 400 acres of space. Going by the average size of an island, this is quite a big island. The beauty of this island lies in the fact that it houses ten different types of endangered species.

According to an old Legend, the island is haunted by the ghost of a pirate who still wanders the vicinity in the quest to protect his treasure. It is up to you to choose what to believe with respect to this. Whatever your verdict might be, you need not panic so much about this that you begin to lose interest in a visit to this beautiful island. It is not so far away from Biloxi. Therefore, you should be safe there as long as you are not breaking the rules.

Jackson Volcano

If you have an average degree of knowledge regarding environmental issues, you already have an idea of what this tourist attraction is all about. This is a volcanic mountain that sometimes erupted in the very distant past. The eruption saw it being covered with molten magma, which made it become a massive heap of sedimentary rock, is over 2,900 feet high, the Jackson volcano was no longer visible from the surface after the eruption. Further findings show that the eruption happened some 75 million years ago. Visiting the island from Biloxi is not a bad idea for Biloxi residents.

Cotton Farms

This is more of a general observation within the confines of Mississippi. Although so many other crops are planted by farmers all over the state, cotton planting seems to be a distinct preference for cotton farming by farmers in Biloxi. This also contributes to the revenue generation prowess of Mississippi. Think of the nearest cotton plantation and take a walk on the fields, and pay closer attention to the pride of Mississippi. Then you will get to understand the more reason why Mississippi farmers like planting cotton.


Everyone seems to be making a list of what to do after the pandemic these days. In case you still have an empty list, you might want to visit more places around Biloxi. Mississippi is big enough a state to have all the fun you crave after the lockdown. A whole lot of options are open to you. It is left to you to look out for places within Mississippi that interest you and plan a trip when the pandemic is over.

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Keeping a tab on global trends, we see that people are planning how to deal with new realities. Due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, there is an attempt by people to stay safe as much as possible. This means no exploratory travel for a while. However, it is remarkable to see that people keep making plans to bask in the sunshine while the storm is over.

Family discussions sometimes revolve around where to visit once it is safe to go out. When this discussion comes up, smart families are always considering how much they would be spending in the course of the trip. Therefore, a sensible budget is a crucial aspect of planning exploratory trips as a family. This factor is a major determinant of where to visit, especially when your family trip is within Biloxi. Other factors include potential time off from work, experiences suited to benefit every member of the family, and perhaps most of all, a destination with comfortable rooms.

For a long time, one thing families have done to make trips of this nature relaxing and memorable is by actualizing it during vacation periods. Also, the concept of a micro-vacation is adopted. This makes the trip quite short but less expensive. Usually, the micro-vacationer might plan the trip around a weekend to limit time off work. Also, the option of traveling by road is picked over flying as the former is less expensive. 

Going by the mode of planning of micro vacations, it is clear to see that it is best enjoyed when it is planned as close to home; this is a plus for you if your family stays within the driving reach of Biloxi and the other coastal environs of Mississippi. 

If you ever want to plan something of this nature around Biloxi, Coastal Mississippi is the perfect answer. With 62 miles of beautiful coastlines, you can be sure of doing more than enough exploration and discovery with a budget that is modest enough for you to work with.

people canoeing with birds
Explore coastal Mississippi 

Coastal Mississippi opens you up to fun and adventure on a whole new level. In a bid to help you and your family explore, we have compiled a list of local favorites you will enjoy on a budget.

Actually, coastal Mississippi has a wide variety of accommodations suited to all types of travelers, budgets, and tastes. Here is a list of hotels you can always check in to once you are done exploring for a day.

  • The Roost
  • The Guest House at Gulfport Landing
  • Carroll House Bed & Breakfast
  • Hotel Pass Christian
  • Grand Magnolia Suites
  • Hotel Whiskey
  • Bay Town Inn
  • The Almanett Hotel & Bistro

While you stay in any of the following hotels for the night, you might want to visit a few exciting coastal Mississippi places during the day. Gulf Islands National Seashore is one place where you can have all the fun you can get with your family in the course of a mini-vacation. It offers intense fun and unique ways to enjoy your mini-vacation. You and your family can Paddle or kayak the blueways, explore public art installations, explore the vast natural wildlife, and hit a few rounds of golf if you are the golfing type. With these, you are sure to have a swell time before returning to Biloxi.

More thrilling adventures await you on The Secret Coast. This is best experienced with your family so as to make memorable memories in the process. The services offered here are categorized as follows.

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Ship Island Excursions from Gulfport and Biloxi
  • Betsy Ann Riverboat
  • Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Tours
  • McCoy’s River & Marsh Tours
  • Wolf River Canoe and Kayak
  • Equipment rental (kayak, jet ski, bike and more)
  • Barbecue Restaurants Header Image
  • The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint

When it comes to meals, you stand a chance to get the best of them when you take a trip to coastal Mississippi. There are a host of exceptional restaurants that will give you a true taste of coastal food. They include.

  • Trapani’s Eatery
  • The Ole Biloxi Vestige
  • Scranton’s Restaurant & Catering
  • The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint
  • Fillin Station
  • White Pillars
  • Darwell’s Café
  • Edd’s Drive-In
Indoor Activities you can engage in while away to coastal Mississippi on a mini-vacation

There are days when you just don’t feel like going out. If this happens while away on your vacation trip to coastal Mississippi, you can always find an alternative way to have fun indoors. If you are out with your family, you might want to convince them to enjoy indoor fun with you. This won’t be hard because indoor fun at coastal Mississippi is just as thrilling as outdoor fun.

A good example is the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport. Here you and your family can be sure to have access to enough space for imaginations to run wild. There lies an old school building that has been converted to an interactive museum. It is so spacious and has several floors of fun and engaging indoor activities.

For instance, the Ocean Adventures Marine Park in the museum presents visitors with a close-to-reality experience with dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, and sharks. Also, within the premises of the Lynn meadows center, we have the infinity Science Center. Therein, visitors are provided with a vast and engaging virtual space of scientific exhibit space 35,000 (square feet), you and your family will experience what it feels like to live in the ocean. This sounds like scary fun. Well, it is safe and fun at the same time. It is amazing how you don’t have to travel too far from Biloxi to enjoy all these.


There is so much fun you and your family can have when it is safe to travel again. Interestingly, it will be easy to explore on a budget by then since there are a whole lot of options of places to visit. All you need do is see which one fits into your budget.

For now, all you can do is to plan and make choices with your family. The day to execute these pans will come. However, it is best to stay safe and be responsible for health-wise at the moment.

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Local Events and Tourism in Biloxi, Mississippi


Biloxi with its cultural diversity and rich history plays host to a vast array of yearly events ranging from the D’lberville landing taking place in April to the famous Seafood Festival that takes place in September. If you are coming to Biloxi and you would like to have a list of things to see and do, or if you live in Biloxi and you are just interested in getting to know the city more, read on to discover the local events and all the tourist sites that the city has to offer.

Local Events and Tourism in Biloxi, Mississippi

Professional Cowboys Championship Finals

This is a four day even that happens yearly at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. You get an action packed four days with roping, bull riding, bareback riding, and steer wrestling. This rodeo is definitely considered to be the grand finale of over 100 rodeos that are held year round.

Cowboys championship in Biloxi

Mardi Gras Bed Race 

Madri Gras comes to the Gulf Coast in February and with it the Mardi Gras Bed Race. Nothing says Mardi Gras fun like watching a few decorated beds tumbling down the street.

Biloxi Blues Festival 

This also takes place at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and while it might be one of the newer events, the Biloxi Blues Festival has nothing but blues classics on show.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

Biloxi’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is an extremely popular yearly event. What you get is a great route that takes your through Biloxi’s wonderful downtown.

Biloxi Boat & RV Show 

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum houses the Biloxi Boat and RV show, which showcases recreational boating products. If you are interested in boats and RVs then head on over to the show, which houses over 200 exhibitors including nearly every industry manufacturer.

The annual D’Iberville Barbecue Throwdown & Festival 

This is a wonderful family festival that celebrates D’Iberville’s landing. The event has an arts and crafts section, live entertainment, BBQ cookoff and so much more.

Annual Grilling on the Green 

This is an event that seems teams battle in barbeque recipe competitions. There are also games, arts and crafts and more.

Annual Home & Garden Show 

The annual Home and Garden Show is run by the Home Builders Association, and is a great event for those are interested in the latest happening, garden and home products that the industry has to offer. You can walk all around visiting numerous exhibitors as they showcase their bath, kitchen, flooring and lighting products. This yearly event takes place at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

Smokin The Sound Biloxi Mississippi Event 

In the event that you are interested in boat racing, then you do not want to miss this. There are over 40 boats racing in 5 categories. This is definitely a hit for boat racing enthusiasts.

Annual Mississippi Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival 

This event is seen as one of the best events that takes place in the southeast. The crawfish festival is chock full with fantastic rides, unique vendors and of course, amazing food.

AKC Dog Show 

The American Kennel Club Dog show plays host to over 100 registered dog breeds in this annual competition.

Gorenflo’s Annual Cobia Tournament 

The annual cobia tournament takes place on the Gulf Coast and it seems anglers from all around the nation compete to win in sport fishing. There are cash prizes of up to $85,500. This is a wonderful event if you are interested in sports fishing or any form of fishing really.

Annual Billy Creel Memorial Wooden Boat Show 

The Annual Wooden Boat Show has the biggest display of antique, contemporary and historic wooden boats. It takes place at Schooner Pier Complex.

Annual Coast Coliseum Summer Fair

The fair is a 10 day affair that is perfect for all the family as it comes with live music, drink, rides and food. It is held at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

St. Ann’s Catfish Festival

This is considered to be one of the, if not the best Gulf Coast held festival. With this festival you get great food, carnival rides, children’s games, live entertainment, fishing rodeo, Bingo and so much more.

Biloxi Fais Do-Do & Blessing of the Fleet 

This event is a tradition that is about 80 years old. The blessing of the fleet sees the boat blessed to have a plentiful and safe season. Additionally, you can get live entertainment, seafood and great vendors selling just about everything. This event is typically in the Biloxi channel.

Annual Bike Fest

While this is a relatively new event, it is a wonderful festival for every one that loves motorcycles. You can get to see all bike manufacturers, and people that do not hive bikes are welcomed. You should note that there over 25,000 bikes bound to make an appearance at the fest, so come with some ear protection.

Scrapin’ the Coast 

This is a fun activity that brings together automotive fun and features things such as a stereo competition, bikini contest, hydraulics contest, live music, food and of course a car show. The Mississippi coast coliseum plays host to this yearly event.

Blues Festival & Family Day 

THIS EVENT FEATURES great blues performers, vendors, an auto show and of course food. This is a wonderful event that is sure to be great fun for the entire family.

Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Biloxi Mississippi 

There is nothing better than a combination of constant entertainment and competitive fishing. This is a yearly festival that has been going on for over 60 years old. Asides from the competitive fishing where anglers battle to catch the biggest fish, you also have a beauty pageant going on.

Biloxi Seafood Festival

What is better than seafood? Lots and lots of more seafood as far as the eyes can see. You get shrimp in every imaginably different way: boiled shrimp, shrimp tamales, fried shrimp. The choices are almost endless at the yearly Biloxi Seafood Festival. Apart from the seafood you get to gouge on, you can visit vendors showcasing their art, listen to live entertainment, partake in a gumbo festival, have the kids enjoy the children activities and so much more.